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Burn Both Ends

The All-American Rejects Invite You to Submit your Kids in the Street Story

Kids in the Street is not just the name of the album. It's lyrically and musically nostalgic. It takes you back to an innocent state of mind. Our music has been a great escape. We want you to be a part of it. Be a KID IN THE STREET. Submit your favorite moments in life. Paintings, photos, videos, interpretive dances, whatever expresses who you are, will do. Show us anything you can that captures a moment in your life or reflection on your life. Your submitted art, videos and memories will appear on this site. We're then going to take a cluster of the best submissions and invite the winning creators to a very special event where you will hang out with us and tell us your story about what inspires you.

So good luck and get to submitting here.