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Tyson Ritter - "Air" (Preview)

on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 19:30


Kathryn Franz's picture

Oh my gosh it's amazing!!!!  When can we buy it on itunes??!

kennagonzalez's picture

How did you hear it?  When I click on the button it plays "Gives you Hell"....

Beatriz Goncalves's picture

love it!

diddy21's picture

How can i hear it?

Randy Surrette's picture

I want this!

NicoleIsNotCrazy's picture

It's sooo Beautiful :') omg I can't even

Morgan Neko Olson's picture

Kyah~ I freaking love it already!! >.<

Cindy Harp's picture

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Is this a solo project or an AAR new Album?

jlang129's picture

to play the clip. move your mouse to the little circle to the right of Air on the pic and play from there. Your welcome :D its awesome btw


Shelby Oleary's picture

i love it!!!!!!!! xD

j.kvartunaite's picture

o love it !!!!

amidiravenna's picture

OMFG it's brilliant!! 

jkd2502's picture

To listen to the song, hover over the circle in the bottom of the interactive image next to the facebook symbol and hit the play button

thelovepika's picture

love it! really want the song now!!!!!!

Trynn's picture

Wow. dieser Song ist wirklich richtig gut ;) cool dass mal wieder was neues von AAR kommt :D


Blaine Douglass's picture

I love AAR


Aarprincess13's picture

HEY !!!! THE WORLD MISSES YOU GUYS just letting you know you were an inspiration to so many people , and I have been a fan since 2005 and you will always be named my favorite band! I love you guys and really wish to see new music or not even, seeing you on a tour would make me and so many of us so happy, I will never forget you AAR!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️-Izzzy