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All-American Rejects on Fuse TV!

on Thu, 03/16/2006 - 07:01
The All-American Rejects will be appearing on Fuse's 7th Avenue Drop! The band will be doing a live performance featuring the new tracks off Move Along, as well as discussing the songs and album. It will be airing on: Saturday 7/23 @ 3:30am & 9pm EST Monday 7/25 @ 12:30am & 9pm EST Tuesday 7/26 @ 12am EST Thursday 7/28 @ 1am & 3:30am EST Friday 7/29 @ 3:30pm EST Sunday 7/31 @ 10pm EST It will be re-airing the week of 8/15, as well: Wednesday 8/17 from noon-4pm EST and 11pm-1am EST Saturday 8/20 from 11am-1pm EST Sunday 8/21 from 4am-6am EST Monday 8/22 from 3pm-5pm EST Make sure and check them out!!