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Message from Wheeler

on Thu, 02/10/2011 - 17:33

What's up, y'all?! Nickolas Don Wheeler here, guitarist for the rock n' roll band The All-American Rejects. We've been writin' music for over a year now for our 4th record, and it looks like it might just be time to press that big red button! (That means new record later this year...woot woot!)

We traveled from the Sequoia Grove National Forest, to the Gulf of Me-hee-co, all the way to New York City to find this album...we even tapped the Rockies! We can't wait to share it all with you, but...

In the meantime, we've done some redecorating on the website...go check it out, and get lost in there. We'll keep you up to date from the depths of the studio, and hopefully see you out there on that ol' dusty trail soon enough. In the meantime, stay classy, help control the pet population, and go fu...I mean, that's all folks!

Oh, and Dexter says "arf!"